Why Choose The Number Partner

Because we are the best in the business for business.

Number Partner offers business numbers from only £2.99 per month. Boost your professional appearance and project a bigger image for your business. All of our numbers come with additional FREE features and present you with great cost savings against other companies who offer business numbers.

After 25 years’ experience and rejoicing in the IT revolution we know at Number Partner that we provide UK businesses with the non-landline or mobile-linked telephone numbers that really can – and do - help your business grow.

That’s why when your customer calls it is routed in an instant through our data centre to your business number.

Be assured, it does not matter if that number is a landline, mobile, VoIP device or IP address. Your caller will never know that they’re calling a virtual business number.

As your Number Partner we know what specific telephone number to offer your business, whatever its size. If you are a sole trader or run a small business, a virtual business number can help you project a much more professional image, rather than using your personal mobile or home phone number.

For SMEs or large organisations, virtual business numbers allow you to promote a local presence without having to physically be in that location. You can run a ‘London office’ with an 02 telephone number, wherever you happen to be based in the UK. Furthermore, Number Partner can provide business telephone numbers to enable you to project a big, UK-wide image if you use one of our 03 or 08 non geographic from the smallest hamlet in the country.

Your Number Partner’s virtual business numbers give you ultimate flexibility to divert calls instantly to any landline or mobile telephone number. You can also use virtual numbers in your advertising to track which campaigns are winning business for you. Use a London number for your London campaign or a Glasgow number when you advertise in Glasgow.

Numberpartner.com is a trading name for Swiftnet Ltd, a UK based telecom network established in 1990. We operate out of our London office and our telecom network is hosted in London’s Telehouse, the most advanced data centre in Europe.

For the last 25 years we have solely focused on business customers and we pride ourselves on our state-of-the-art infrastructure and our customer-centric approach. We provide 24/7 customer support as we understand the importance of providing your business with a service and a partnership you can rely on.

Check our numbers pages right now and find out more about our impressive range of numbers available. It’s just a question of calling your own Partner in Numbers. Get in touch now.

Features and Benefits

Number Partner is proud to offer many Benefits and special Features to help your business thrive:

FREE Virtual receptionist/switchboard service. Our expert, pre-defined recordings project a clear, professional image for your business, such as; ‘press 1 for sales’ or ‘press 2 for support.’ Or simply type in your required text and we will play this message on your chosen number. Each number gives you 5 divert options!

FREE fax to email service. Use one number to receive both CALLs and incoming fax messages. Number Partner’s technology enables us to convert the fax to a PDF and send it directly to your email address with no fuss.

FREE change of divert number. Number Partner allows you to make unlimited changes to your business’s divert number. With the right package you can simply divert the number to your office landline during the week and your mobile at the weekend.

FREE Cloud access to your business numbers and account. Check and amend your account or change your divert number at any time. Access your account from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

FREE number porting. With Number Partner you can transfer your existing number to us free of charge. Just contact our friendly customer support team.

Project a more professional image by advertising a nationwide number instead of a mobile or your office landline number.

Take your number with you if you move premises. Numbers aren’t attached to a physical telephone line.

Attract more business by advertising in different areas using a local number for that area.

Identify what advertising is working for your business by viewing your call records online. for example, allocate different numbers to your google adverts so you can track exactly where your sales come from.

‘Gold’ numbers available, give more value to your business with a memorable number.

Give your business the perception of being a larger organisation with national and local numbers.

Generate extra income for your business when receiving calls with Number Partner’s ‘revenue share’ numbers.

Control how and where incoming calls are handled to suit you.

Number Partner can give each of your companies a unique number – even if you are running them from the same location.

We can offer you a local number for Yellow Pages, local newspapers or websites so you receive more calls from people who think you are, "just around the corner".

Buy a Business Number

Whatever number you need to grow your business – 0800 free phone, 03XX, geographic, virtual mobile or revenue shared - The Number Partner provides you with telephone numbers for your business, from £2.99 per month.

01 & 02

Virtual Geographic Numbers

Number Partner can provide you with a virtual geographic number in major UK cities – helping you build the local profile you need to grow your business.

From £2.99 a month

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Business Numbers

Number Partner can provide your business with the new, cutting edge and popular 03 non geographic business telephone numbers.

From £2.99 a month

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Free Phone Business Numbers

Helping your business become established - increase your business enquiries with an 0800 freephone number.

From £2.99 a month

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Revenue Share numbers

Money back - Number Partner will pay you back part or the revenue generated by the calls you receive.

From £2.99 a month

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Business Numbers

Number Partner can help you boost your professional appearance by not disclosing your geographic location.

From £2.99 a month

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Revenue Share Numbers

Earn money from every call you receive. Number Partner has the perfect number for IT, technical support & customer support services.

From £2.99 a month

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Virtual Mobile Numbers

Grow your business and protect your privacy at the same time. Choose a 07 virtual mobile number and divert to any landline, mobile or international number.

From £2.99 a month

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Number Porting

Keep your existing business number by ‘porting’ it to the
Number Partner
for FREE.


Port Your Number
  • John Crystal, self-employed electrician, County Durham

  • John Crystal, self-employed electrician, County Durham