Your 0844 Revenue Shared Business Telephone Numbers

Number Partner is offering you the chance to share the revenue on calls made to your business on our 0844 revenue shared numbers.

Choose from our latest 0844 number plans in 2 EASY STEPS.

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£2.95 per month

Rebate (we pay you) 3ppm for divert to Landline, Mobile and IP/SIP address
UNLIMITED inclusive minutes to Landline, Mobile and IP/SIP address
Divert to International number

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Features and Benefits

Choosing a 0844 revenue shared business telephone number from the Number Partner includes the following Features and Benefits

FREE Virtual receptionist/switchboard service. Our expert, pre-defined recordings project a clear, professional image for your business, such as; ’press 1 for sales’ or ’press 2 for support.’ Or simply type in your required text and we will play this message on your chosen number. Each number gives you 5 divert options!

FREE fax to email service. Use one number to receive both calls and incoming fax messages. Number Partner’s technology enables us to convert the fax to a PDF and send it directly to your email address with no fuss.

FREE change of divert number. Number Partner allows you to make unlimited changes to your business’s divert number. With the right package you can simply divert the number to your office landline during the week and your mobile at the weekend.

FREE Cloud access to your business numbers and account. Check and amend your account or change your divert number at any time. Access your account from any PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone.

FREE number porting. With Number Partner you can transfer your existing number to us free of charge. Just contact our friendly customer support team.

Generate additional income for your business.

Charge customers for services such as customer support, including IT and technical support.

0844 numbers are non-geographic - attract new business from outside your area

0844 numbers enhance your business profile and give the perception of a larger and professional organisation.

Control how and where incoming calls are handled to suit you.

Take your 0844 number with you if you move premises, as our numbers aren’t fixed to a telephone line.

  • John Crystal, self-employed electrician, County Durham

  • John Crystal, self-employed electrician, County Durham